About Us

How The Pool Center Was Conceived…

 The idea of the Pool Learning Center was conceived by a group of community leaders whose lives and hearts have been impacted in some manner by dyslexia.

About 20 years ago, Mr. William Pool, an ardent conservationist, woodsman, hunter and talented wildlife photographer passed away, leaving his firm wishes that his boyhood home in Marlboro, Vermont be preserved as much as possible and used for the public good. His widow, Janet, a person with a deep interest in education became interested in our project. After careful consideration she made a gift of land in Marlboro as a home for the center.

 Shortly afterwards we received a substantial anonymous donation from a person whose son suffered severely from dyslexia. Thus the Pool Learning Center was born.


Provide Professional literacy instruction and support to students with learning differences, their families, and their educators.

The Board of Trustees