Useful Links

The Pool Learning Center’s Website is full of useful links. We encourage you to check out the Links pages designed specifically to help you find what you need to know.  This page is designed as a collection of links that have proven to be the most useful to the widest audience of people curious about or interested in knowing more about dyslexia.



Research Centers

  • The International Dyslexia Association

  • Hooked on Phonics – A program for Dyslexic learners is ‘Hooked on Phonics’, and you can see details at their website

  • Go Phonics – Teacher-developed to provide struggling and natural beginning readers with a strong foundation for decoding the English language. Skills are taught sequentially, one step at a time. With over 70 components, Go Phonics features 48 games that integrate with its workbooks and decodable storybooks.

  • Wordshark – 36 totally different computer games providing high motivation and interest. ‘This software has had dramatic results. My student simply can’t believe that he can be learning so quickly, and now arrives half-an-hour early, and has asked to stay an hour over his lesson time. This is the first time that he has ever been able to remember spellings – ever. I have had to force him to take breaks each half-hour because he was so adamant that he would complete each module more quickly then anyone else. His progress has been amazing. I did not at first believe this because I thought that as a dyslexic he would probably remember his spellings one week but then forget them after a break, but I have just re-tested him on the modules he covered before the half-term break (three weeks ago) and in a spelling test of sixty words, he got all of them correct without any chance to mug up beforehand’, J. W., UK.

  • Stern Center – The Stern Center was founded in 1983 by Dr. Blanche Podhajski as a nonprofit learning center dedicated to helping children and adults reach their full potential.